Greek Paleography Fall 2018

2018-19i-CoursePoster-GreekPaleography copy.jpg

Greek Paleography is now scheduled for Fall Semester 2018! This is the first time such a course will be offered at Notre Dame. 

The course is available through the Medieval Institute and cross-listed with Department of Classics and the Department of Theology. It will be of great interested to graduate students and advanced undergraduates interested in Byzantine Studies, Hellenism, Classics and Classical Reception, and Early Christian Studies. 

Course Description: This course is an introduction to Greek paleography and provides an overview of uncial and minuscule scripts used in papyri, manuscript books, and the early imprints. Students will develop the skills necessary to read, transcribe, and contextualize Greek manuscripts. Areas include: letter forms, abbreviations, ligatures, dating, localization, formal vs. informal hands, scriptoria, and individual scribes. Emphasis is placed on manuscripts and scripts from Late Antiquity through the Byzantine period and Italian Renaissance. Students will work with Notre Dame?s small but illustrative collection of papyri, Byzantine manuscripts, and Greek imprints. Intermediate knowledge of Greek is required.