Latin Paleography Spring 2019

Latin Paleography is now scheduled for Spring Semester 2019!

The course is available through the Medieval Institute and cross-listed with Department of Classics. It will be of great interested to graduate students and advanced undergraduates interested in all facets of Medieval Studies, Classics and Classical Reception, and Early Christian Studies. 

Course Description: The course is an intensive survey of Latin scripts from antiquity through the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Students will be able to accurately read and transcribe Latin scripts, expand systems of abbreviation, identify, date, and localize (when possible) different hands, and defend their interpretations. There will be a strong emphasis on the different varieties of Gothic script (textualis, cursiva, hybrida, etc.). Once the class reaches the twelfth century, students will work extensively with Notre Dame¹s medieval collection of over 300 manuscripts and fragments. Aspects of practical applications and textual criticism will be addressed at the end of the course.  Proficiency in Latin is required.